"Health insurance makes my head spin. There are so many choices and options and things like excesses to consider. I don’t know where to start.”

If you find health insurance confusing, you’re not alone.

Having a chat with a financial adviser is a good way to put your mind at rest and get the cover you need. Using diagrams like the one below, an adviser will help you clarify the potential life events where you would find financial support most important.

Health, onset of illness and the need for treatment

Most health insurance policies cover treatment and the associated tests, scans and medications. There are some differences between policies, such as how high the maximum amount you can claim is and for example, whether you can claim for treatment overseas. At the other end of the scale you’ll need to give some thought to whether you want the cost of ‘health maintenance’ such as GP, dental and optical visits covered. Somewhere in the middle, there is another situation to consider - under many health insurance policies, specialist consultations, scans and diagnostics that are not part of a hospital treatment are covered only if the appropriate specialist option (which is like an add-on to a base level cover) has been chosen. These specialist consultations, scans and diagnostics can be expensive, so having them covered is important if you’re likely to hold back from getting an early diagnosis due to the cost. Complex? It can be and that’s why it pays for you to work with a financial adviser to ensure you get the most suitable health insurance protection you need. Call an adviser today!