It’s another one of those questions we all probably ask our partners!
We all appreciate and applaud what Starship does for Kiwi kids. It’s a tough task at hand for Starship to provide the best medical facilities to our children. More so with an increasing population and new health tech in the market each day, the system comes under immense pressure.

  • Did you know that you may need to wait for your child’s treatment or surgery should they need it? Yes, there is a waiting list for children’s treatment or surgery as well.
  • Did you know that if you require specialised treatment that is not funded by the public system, you’ll have to fund it yourself?
  • How would you cope with this - have you got a Plan B?

Most people aren’t aware that private health insurance for children can be as cheap as $6.00 a week(premium varies with different insurers), which is cheaper than a McDonald’s burger meal. Now that should certainly put things into perspective for you!
The regret of not having insured your child could be the worst feeling if the time ever comes that your child might need it.
In my profession the most typical worry I face when recommending private health insurance is the cost– people think it’s too expensive. I then ask a simple question “Would you do anything for your family?” The answer is always a yes, so I question “why would you hesitate to pay $6.00 a week for your child’s welfare?”

As a financial adviser I have insured many children and of the multiple claims submitted, the most frequent ones I see are for;

  • Adenoids
  • Ear Infections
  • Eczema
  • Tonsils

Are you familiar with the website ? I suggest when making the decision whether or not to insure your children please visit this website and then decide.
As a father of two beautiful children myself, I would strongly suggest that you seek advice from your adviser and insure your children against any unforeseen medical event. Remember health insurance is an investment, not a cost. I hope this helps you and your family.
What you should really say is “honey, we should insure our children today.” Speak to your financial adviser.