With the second wave of Covid-19 infection gripping the country, children continue to be restricted to their home. Deprived of the usual exposure so crucial to childhood and growing up, it is imperative to enable substitute activities that help them socialise, learn valuable life skills, and build new interests in a meaningful and safe way -- to keep their growth and learning on course. Needless to say, any intervention must be designed in fun ways!

Here are some activities your child can participate in this summer:

British Council's Online Summer School 2021

Summer School at the British Council is a unique two-week online course where your child will improve their language, communication, and critical thinking skills to prepare them for a global world. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about and celebrate the diversity of Indian cultural heritage from around the country and use this knowledge to create and design their own products. In doing so, children of all ages will make measurable progress, learning to express themselves with confidence in English.

When: Next batch starting May 24, 2021

Link for more info: Online Summer School 2021

Vedic Math by Q75signatures

This camp will make it easier for children to solve simple numeric problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It will gear your children for fast calculations and help them overcome their phobia of numbers. Vedic Math reduces the burden of memorizing to a great extent. This course is more than just about solving problems and it provides a holistic understanding of the subject and its basics.

When: Next batch starting May 21, 2021

Link for more info: Vedic Math

Reading for Life Programme by the British Council

Reading for Life programme brings a completely new collection of books and workshops that will challenge children to read at least one book per week from their curated online collection of e-books, audiobooks and comics.

This programme will promote the love for reading among children and strengthen their reading and listening skills and help them grow as motivated and confident readers. They also offer expert-curated workshops and book review writing tasks that will support them in enhancing their writing and inference skills and boosting their creativity and critical thinking.

When: Next batch starting June 12, 2021

Link for more info: Reading for Life Programme

Codathon by EMPLIHI

This online course covers computer programming, 3D modelling, mobile and web app development. The course mainly addresses the STEM learning needs of children from the age of nine onwards. Children are introduced to the magic of STEM and will be able to sustain the excitement through successive course modules.

When: Next batch starting May 24, 2021

Link for more info: Codathon by Emplihi

Astro Space Camp by SSERD

If your child is interested in Aeronautics, Space Technology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astronautics, and things related to Space, Science, and Technology, then this is a to-do camp. This camp will help elevate and foster new attributes in young minds like creativity and critical thinking through our innovative and exciting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) model.

When: Next batch starting May 24, 2021

Link for more info: Astro Space Camp