Auckland Malayali Samajam is appealing for generous donations from its members, the Malayali community and the wider Kiwi-Indian community in New Zealand to rally support for their home state of Kerala, which is experiencing worst ever flood in the recent memory.

Speaking with the Indian Weekender Blessan M. Jose, Secretary Auckland Malayali Samajam said “This is a moment of supreme crisis for our community and the state. We are calling out all members of our Kiwi-Indian community to support generously during this hour of distress for the people of Kerala.”

An incessant downpour had battered Kerala again on Wednesday, August 15, resulting in 28 more deaths taking the total death toll to 67, causing more destruction and forcing the Chief Minister of the state, Pinarayi Vijayan, to issue a request for donations to bring relief to the flood victims.

The heaviest rains and floods since 1924 have caused massive destruction, leaving more than 75,000 people in relief camps and damage to crops and properties that the state estimated to be over INR 8,000 crore.

The Auckland Malayali Samjam had a mega event of the celebration of the festival of Onam – the biggest festival of the state of Kerala – on Saturday, August 18.

“We have a mega event of Onam celebrations scheduled for Saturday, August 18, and there were serious concern and dilemma in our community to whether continue or abort the festival.

“However we have resolved to conduct this programme as an event to show our support to the people who are suffering in Kerala by contributing to the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund (CMDRF),” Mr Jose said.

The donors can send their contribution to Auckland Malayali Samajam Incorporated’s account.

Account No: 02-01920472538

Account Name: BNZ Bank

Reference: Relief

Phone: 02102628951

In addition to the fund raised directly in the account, the Auckland Malayali Samajam is also planning to organise a raffle draw at the Onam celebration event on Saturday, August 18, and the profit of the raffle draw will be sent to the CMDRF.

“We are encouraging the members of Auckland Malayali Samajam to buy more raffles or contribute directly at the venue to be a part of supporting our suffering families,” Mr Blessam said.