The melodies of yesteryear’s legendary singers Rafi, Kishore and Mukesh have always entertained music lovers, and this becomes more special when even after a few decades of those songs being sung, they have the same nostalgic and emotional connection with the audience.

Such an event was the Rafi-Kishore-Mukesh Night 2 concert organised by Creations NZ on Saturday, August 4 at Dorothy Winstone Centre in Auckland city. As expected by the hosts, the event received a full house booking with the fans of the talented singers of Auckland.

The legendary voice and songs of Muhammad Rafi were sung by the organiser and renowned singer Arif Zia who to much anticipation of the audience appeared on the stage after almost nine songs.

Known for the voice and mannerism of the versatile actor, musician, singer Kishore Kumar, Joseph Joe appeared on stage with Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Main Hoon Don’ to which audience clapped and whistled in joy. He sang two numbers followed by a duet with Guncha.

Another singer known for bringing intense emotional quotient in his songs was Viraj with Mukesh’s numbers such as Jane Kahan Gaye Wo Din, Zuban Pe Dard Bhari followed by a duet with Vidya Teke.

Supporting these three male singers were Guncha, Arpita, Srishaa and Vidya Teke who is called the voice of Lata Mangeshkar in New Zealand.

A total of 21 songs were sung before the interval including solo and duets by each of the seven singers. Post interval, the audience was refuelled to enjoy another session of melodious songs which started with a medley of many numbers of different singers of the era of Rafi-Kishore and Mukesh.

“I have not missed one such concert in the last three years, the show brings every small memory from our young days in India,” exclaimed an enthusiastic audience.

The lead singer garnered the most praise for perfecting the melody and songs of the legends of the then Bollywood musicians and singer. A team of musicians who have worked and practised every weekend perfecting their music to deliver fantastic support complementing the singers.

The proceeds from the concert were offered to St John’s Ambulance.