The newly elected team of the Gujarati Samaj New Zealand is committed to focus on a better and enhanced understanding between the Gujarati and other communities of New Zealand.  

Vijay Modi, the newly elected President of the Gujarati Samaj NZ – a six years old community organisation that initially came into existence to give a common platform to all Gujarati people to socialise together – told this to the Indian Weekender. 
“One of our main objectives is to promote cross-cultural understanding between Gujarati and other communities of New Zealand,” Mr Modi said. 

Elected President Vijay Modi (Left), Elected Vice President: Kiratbhai Parikh (Right)

Mr Modi was speaking with the Indian Weekender about the formation of the new executive committee and the change of President in the organisation at the last annual general meeting. 

“We have laid out three clear objectives for the new executive team, which is elected every two years,” Mr Modi told the Indian Weekender.

“We will continue our focus on promoting the education of Gujarati language, heritage, and cultural values by way of lectures, workshops, debates and seminars.”

“Our third key objective for this new executive team is to assist new migrants for early settlement in New Zealand,” Mr Modi said. 

Earlier elections were held by Gujarati Samaj NZ on May 5, followed by few more meetings on May 11, June 2 and July 7, where new President and executive team was appointed, followed by a farewell to the outgoing President Chunni Bhai Mehta. 

“My new executive team and I extend our special thank to our outgoing President Chunni Bhai Mehta and the previous executive team for their efforts in putting our organisation on the road to success and prosperity,” Mr Modi said. 

“A special thank you to Chunni Bhai Mehta for maximising our membership in the last two years,” Mr Modi added. 

The new executive committee of Gujarati Samaj NZ includes Kaushik Soni, Kaushik Kansara, Mahesh Bhai Patel, Kirit Thaker, Jasu Bhai Patel,  Narhari Patel, Satish Patel, Rashikaben Patel,  and Anjaben tailor. 
Kiritbhai Parikh was elected as the Vice President of the Samaj. 

Mr Modi also sought support from senior members like Chunibhai Mehta, Sureshbhai Dave, Rameshbhai Patel, Mahendrabhai Patel as well as electoral officers Dilip Patel, Dharmendrabhai Mehta and Dilip Thakkar.