Bengali is said to be one of the sweetest languages in India. The language is spoken across the globe by the Bengali-Indian diaspora and also by the Bangladeshi Bengali community. Globally renowned poet and writer Rabindranath Tagore was a Bengali and two of his poems were chosen as the national anthems of two countries- Jana Gana Mana for India and Amar Shonar Bangla for Bangladesh.

To bring the essence of the Bengali music, a doctor from South Auckland and a music enthusiast with a team of non-Bengali musicians are hosting a charity musical evening on Saturday, May 5 at Avondale College auditorium.

The event will be starting at 6 p.m. and the tickets are available from counter.

Dr Hubert D’Cruze originally from Bangladesh has a flair for music and an avid lover of Bengali songs and has performed several traditional, folk and modern Bengali songs at different events over the years.

This year Dr Hubert has come up with the event ‘Eto Shur Eto Gaan’ which looks forward to seeing Bengali music lovers from West Bengal, India and Bangladesh and also non-Bengali music lovers at the show.

Dr Hubert likes to sing Tagore, modern and folk Bengali songs and was recently invited to sing Hindi songs by different Indian musical groups and Hindi music concerts. He is an ardent fan of yesteryears’ legendary singer Hemant Kumar and his songs.

“I am very excited to perform in the ‘Eto Shur Eto Gaan’, I want to take the audience through a journey of melodious Bengali songs, both popular and old folk songs,” Dr Hubert, GP and an avid Bengali singer told The Indian Weekender.

Of the goals of the concert besides presenting Bengali music to the audience is to raise funds for the Bangla School of Auckland run by a Charitable Trust. Enthusiastic Bangla school volunteers will raise funds by selling food at the concert.

February 21 is a significant date in the history of language in Bangladesh and is observed as the ‘International Mother Language Day. This day is celebrated to promote awareness and cultural diversity and promote multilingualism across the globe by the Bangladeshi community.