The Auckland Tamil Cricket Club hosted a friendly cricket tournament for the Tamil Community in earlier last week. The tournament was held at Keith Hay Park in Mt Roskill on Saturday, April 7 in the presence of the larger communities from the city.

The aim of the tournament was to give the young cricketers an opportunity to showcase their talent and also to bring the community together for an event.

Two teams participated in the inaugural Karikalan Trophy –Tamil Eelam and Tamils NZ. The tournament was divided into two categories namely Under-15 and the Mens Grade. This tournament is set to become an annual event in the calendar of the Tamil community.

Tamil Eelam Under-15 team with the trophy

Tamils NZ won in the Mens Grade category by Duckworth-Lewis method.

Tamils NZ scored 164 runs losing seven wickets in 32.3 overs while Tamil Eelam scored 193 runs losing all wickets in 35.3 overs. Tamils NZ scored 164 when the match had to be stopped due to rain and the target reduced to 152 as per the Duckworth-Lewis method.

Player Surya from Tamils NZ was awarded the Best Bowler of the tournament, and Varmesh was awarded as the Best Batsman and Man of the Match of the tournament from Tamil Eelam. 

In the Under-15 category, Tamil Eelam won the match by the Duckworth-Lewis method. Tamils NZ scored 109 for eight wickets in twenty overs, and Tamil Eelam had scored 84 runs losing four wickets in 14 overs. Since the match had to be stopped mid-way, Duckworth-Lewis method was applied, and Tamil Eelam was given a new target of 71 runs, which they had already surpassed and scored 84 runs at the loss of only four wickets.

Tamils NZ and Tamil Eelam teams 

Player Seenu from Tamil Eelam was given the Best Bowler Award, and batsman Keertvaasan from Tamils NZ was awarded as the Best Batsman and Man of the Match of the tournament.

Both the teams lifted a trophy each at the end of the day.

The Tamil community is one of the strongest and most widely spread communities across the world.

Auckland Tamil Association hosts several cultural events throughout the year, and also community drives making a generous contribution towards the betterment of the country.

The Auckland Tamil Association celebrating Tamil New Year on April 28, Saturday, starting 5.30 pm at Freemans Bay Community Hall.