Customer service excellence is one of the key critical components for any business to thrive in the market. This fact stays constant for every industry in the market and is what drives the success of the businesses in the long run.

With regards to the food industry, customer service matters the most, in fact, it stands next to the food that is being served on the table.

In a highly competitive market where every other restaurant is serving the best of their delicacies, what creates the point of difference is how well one knows its customers, how happy are they when they leave the restaurant with the food packed in the containers or after having a stomach full of served delicacy.

Food Inn Restaurant and Takeaway in Sandringham has been creating such a trend in the market by not only serving great food to its customers but also knowing them, their taste preferences and by giving them the opportunity to customise their dishes.

Owner of Food Inn Restaurant Shoeb stresses the importance of customer satisfaction and believes that a business enterprise can only grow when one knows its customers and gives his all to make the customer leave with a feeling of overwhelming satisfaction.

The Entrepreneur’s previous venture Coffee Club in Ellerslie rose from being just another coffee shop in town to become one of the leading cafes in the country. The success of his previous venture and Food Inn Restaurant now has not just been amazing coffee, steaks or a list of delicious curries and biryanis, but also an unmatched service that has not allowed a single customer leave without a sense of satisfaction and the value for money.

The restaurant provides its customers with the opportunity to taste the food before selecting them for their lunch or dinner. Even in the dine-in section, if a customer wants to be surprised with a more customised dish, the chefs take on the challenge to give the diner the food cooked and crafted as per their wishes.

“We have had diners who have asked us to customise their food, and well, they have never been disappointed,” owner of Food Inn Restaurant Shoeb says.

The staff at Food Inn restaurant are trained professionals and have a considerable experience in the hospitality industry.

"Every staff takes the ownership of serving each customer with a complete focus and make sure that they do not leave with just great food but with an amazing experience too.."

“The idea is to create an honest bond with the customers, to know their taste preferences and what would they like to eat and we serve them with the best of our abilities,” the owner adds.

A majority of Food Inn’s customers are returning customers who have embraced its new recipes and its amazing service. This loyalty has been a result of more than just good food, it’s the personal service every foodie receives at the restaurant that has echoed in the form of increased footfall of returning customers and new referrals to the restaurant. The word of mouth for the restaurant’s food and service has also been a strong puller of foodies to the restaurant.

The restaurant has also come up with an idea to interact more with their customers and give them an opportunity to be featured on their dynamic menu. The best recipe will be chosen as the guest recipe of the month, and the particular dish will be listed in the menu of the restaurant for one whole month.

What to do?

Send in your recipe to The Indian Weekender Facebook page with pictures, and if selected, the person will be notified, and the recipe will be listed in the menu of Food Inn Restaurant. There will also be a feature of the recipe and the chef on The Indian Weekender newspaper, web and social media.