Arnav Varkula, the 11-year-old child, suffering from a rare form of cancer in Australia has passed away, SBS Hindi reported. Arnav breathed last on Saturday, March 17, a local crowd-funding page run by Forum of Indian Australian Indians posted on social media.

“With a heavy heart, this is to inform you that Arnie has passed away into God's hands this morning. A sharp, playful child who was known to his family & friends as a fighter, he fought hard until the end, but it was God's wish to call him,” the post said.

Local community rallied to raise AU$54,000 in an online crowd-funding campaign run by FIA.

Facebook Post of the death news (Picture: SBS Hindi)

Arnav Varkula lost his mother Sushma Gulur Srinivas Rao to cancer in April 2015. Two years after Arnav's mother's death, in May 2017, Arnav started feeling pain in his knee. Arnav’s father Jeevan Varkala consulted the doctor, and after a series of tests for a month, he was confirmed to be suffering from a rare case of cancer.

Arnav had a few nodules in his lungs that looked benign. The doctors performed a lung biopsy that confirmed the nodules in his lung to be benign. During this surgery, Arnav also had a double lumen port inserted to start chemotherapy.

Arnav was taken to India in January 2018 with his father to try alternative medicine and meet his extended family, and he came back three weeks later.

On March 2, a day after his 11th birthday Arnab had a chest X-ray that showed a tumour in the lung had grown exponentially as there were a lot of fluids in the lung. The doctor had to cancel the amputation then as it bore no benefit to the patient. The doctors then had estimated Arnav’s life expectancy to a maximum of a few more weeks.

11-year-old Arnav Varkula (left) with his family (Picture: SBS Hindi)

Arnav’s father Jeevan Varkala had been out of work for nearly eight months and ensured the best possible care and support for his son.

Arnav breathed last on Saturday, March 17 and his last rites were performed at Bereavement Assistance Chapel in Oakleigh on Sunday, March 18.

“Please keep him in your prayers, and we can all take solace in the fact that his pain has ended. Prayers and strength for his father & family as they come to grips with this in the times ahead,” the post on fundraising page read.