I am calling America and President Donald Trump to wake up now after another nerve-chilling shoot-out in an American school.

Or just shut up!

Please do not expose the hypocrisies and opportunistic layers under which American presidency, or possibly most of the political institutions around the world tend to work, by expressing condolences which literally mean nothing to anyone.

In response to the latest, Florida High School killing, American President Trump tweeted "No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school."

I am struggling to understand if it means anything at all.

What does President Trump plan to do to make school going children safe from here, right this moment?

Does he have the courage and political will to make another tweet and announce a complete gun ban in America?

Or do anything substantial to take the American gun-culture head on?

Time and again we have seen successive American Presidents – the supposedly most powerful person on the planet - express similar condolences after a mad-man barge into school and kills innocent children.

And nothing happens after that until we hear another gunshot in an American school.

It’s time that American President should stop expressing public condolences on mindless shooting in schools.

It’s better for them to shut up than utter purely meaningless and powerless words. 

I know that I am not the only one around the world to feel like screaming out loud to American political elites to pull up their socks and do something, now, to stop the culture of guns and the school shooting.

This is not a repetitive scene from a Hollywood apocalypse movie.

Instead, it is real life nerve-chilling scenes of ordinary children and their deeply scared parents waiting outside anxiously that are relayed million times all around the world.

And the most hypocritical, disrespectful and powerless response to these incidents is the condolence messages from American Presidents.

It’s time to pull up or shut up!