An Auckland based Indian couple is in distress after learning that most of their household stuff was taken away in what appears to be a burglary in broad daylight.

“Everything we bought and owned for the last four years is gone now.

“We have to buy everything from scratch now,” a visibly distressed Shaan Ahmad told The Indian Weekender.

Shaan Ahmad and his wife Bhakti Patel, working professionals living in Mt Roskill, Auckland, came to a rude shock on Tuesday, January 9, immediately after returning from work when they found their house disturbed.

Ms Patel came home from work at about 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday only to find her one-bedroom house ransacked with clothes, household items on the floor, drawers and cupboards open, and furniture thrown upside down.

Ms Patel quickly informed her husband Mr Ahmad who immediately rushed back home from work and called the police.

Clothes and house items thrown on the ground in the house burgled (Picture Supplied)

The couple was struggling to come to terms with the sense of violation that accompanies any such unwanted invasion in someone’s personal space when The Indian Weekender first contacted them on Wednesday.

“Our laptops, TV, kitchen items, electronic items, even new clothes and shoes were taken by these burglars,” Mr Ahmad told The Indian Weekender.

However, it was the fact that the couple had recently returned from Australia – a lifetime trip organised specially for a shopping spree – and the opportunist burglars had helped themselves to most of the purchases from that memorable trip.

“We were on holiday to Australia last month and bought a lot of new clothes and household items which are all gone now.

“They even took our newly purchased 40 inches Smart TV, which is very heavy,” Mr Ahmad added.

The window through which the burglars entered the house (Picture Supplied)

The fact that the couple did not have any content insurance further rubbed salt into their wounds.

“We did not have content insurance and had lost possessions valued more than $8000,” Mr Ahmad said.

The couple rented the one-bedroom house, and the landlord lived just next door who did not notice anything suspicious.

It seems that the burglars have broken into the house by breaking open the window latch of the bedroom.

“The offenders used oil to loosen and break open the window latch and probably wore gloves while committing this act because of which police were not able to find any fingerprints from the crime scene,” Mr Ahmad said.

Meanwhile, our enquiry with police has returned with the response that police is conducting enquiries.

“Police are continuing to make enquiries and have conducted a forensic examination of the scene as part of our investigation,” Police told The Indian Weekender.

The forensic team came to examine the crime scene on Wednesday morning, January 10, and have taken prints and other pieces of evidence from the house.

The police have asked the couple to watch out trade in websites such as trade me and buy/sell pages on Facebook so that if they find any of their possessions being sold online, it can be reported to the police, and it will help police to catch the offenders.