The Indian Weekender spoke with the Minister Stuart Nash, who is Minister for Police and Small Businesses, today, about the recent case where the Kiwibank dumped a Post shop owner. 

The Minister was unconvinced with the reason, apparently given by the Kiwibank to the post shop owner that security was the reason for their decision of rolling back their services.

“I need to understand the real reason behind their decision,” Mr Nash told The Indian Weekender in an exclusive interview today.

Earlier, The Indian Weekender had reported that a post shop owner Bhaskar Desai was told by the Kiwibank that they are rolling back their services on the pretext of robberies - a story that has not gone well with the Kiwi-Indian community.

“The notice read that Kiwibank did a security survey in July 2017 and has hence invoked a clause that they can change the product or services citing security reasons,” the shop owner Bhaskar Desai had told The Indian Weekender.

Minister Stuart Nash appeared less convinced with the simplistic citation of lack of security as an appropriate reason for the closing of Kiwibank outlet.

“There has to be a strong business case for the decision behind closing down of the outlet. 

“I need to understand and see if they have taken adequate measures to protect their staff,” Mr Nash told the Indian Weekender.

The Minister said that he is happy to have a look at it if approached by anyone.