Sharry, 21, has been here in New Zealand for two and half years and says this is not the New Zealand he had dreamt of.

Sharry has become a victim of robbery and assault for the second time in the last six months. Earlier in April, Sharry was forced to give money under the same circumstances at his previous workplace, a dairy store in Mangere, South Auckland.

On Monday, September 18, Sharry was the sole staffer at the now (in) famous Crown Superette dairy store on Melrose Road in Mt Roskill and was robbed at gunpoint by four robbers.

The offenders who tried to get in through backdoor approached from the side alley and ambushed through the front door and placed a gun onto Sharry’s head who was sitting behind the counter.

“I didn’t know how to react; a gun was put on my head while they looted the counter of cigarettes and struggled to take cash from the till,” Sharry told The Indian Weekender.

The robbers were armed with a long wood cutting saw, screwdriver and a big knife and a handgun.

“One of the robbers also thrashed the counter repeatedly with his wood cutting saw; fortunately, I was a little away from being hurt.

“Earlier in April, I had experienced assault and robbery for the first time at Gatsby Superette in Mangere,” Sharry gasped in frustration.

Crown Superette came into the media highlight earlier in March when six armed robbers robbed and thrashed owner/operator Jitesh Patel, who had to undergo several surgeries and eventually go bankrupt.

“The law of this country did nothing to previous offenders of this same store robbery that left the previous owner bedridden, what I can expect from them now,” a seemingly frustrated Sukhwant Singh, the current owner of Crown Superette told The Indian Weekender.

“They took cash and cigarettes worth thousands of dollars; we struggle from morning to night trying to make a living, and these robbers take that in minutes,” Mr Singh added.

“What should I do, close the business and work on a farm??” questioned Mr Singh.

The police forensic team collected fingerprints from the crime scene of Tuesday morning, September 19 and investigation is being done to catch the culprits.