A 33-year old Indian man Raj Kumar Prajapati has died in a road accident at a pedestrian crossing at around 4:15 p.m. in Huntly on Thursday, September 7. 

Police reported on Thursday of a fatal accident in Huntly.

Meanwhile, a Givealittle page has been set up that says the person who died was an Indian National Raj Kumar Prajapati from the town of Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India.

The page says Mr Prajapati was hit by a truck in Huntly, while on his way back from work.  

The family of Mr Prajapati, who belongs to the state of Jharkhand in central India were informed of the incident by his friends on Thursday night. 

The Indian Weekender spoke to Mr Prajapati's friend Alroy Castelino who is coordinating with Police and the Indian High Commission in the identification process and repatriation of the body back to India. 

"We are appealing to the Kiwi-Indian community to help us send Mr Prajapati back home to India as his parents are too old and not in a position to bear the cost. 

"We are setting up a Givealittle page for everyone to help whatever little they can," Mr Castelino said. 

The Indian Weekender also spoke to Sandeep Sood from the Indian High Commission in New Zealand, who confirmed that their office is in touch with friends of the deceased and are extending every possible help in this hour of distress. 

"We are in touch with the friends of Mr Prajapati and are waiting for police and coroner to complete formalities," Mr Sood told The Indian Weekender

The page says that Raj was a newly married man whose wife was going to join him in New Zealand to begin a new chapter in their married life. 

Raj came from a poor family in India, who he helped support by coming to New Zealand all on his own and working hard to have a better life. 

The Givealittle page can be checked out here