New Zealand First is the only party that has held the government to account when the Indian students were exploited by the unscrupulous, dodgy “agents”.

The Indian students come here to explore the great opportunities offered by this country. They invest a decent amount of money in their education, work hard to support themselves while they study here in New Zealand.

Through no fault of their own, these students were duped of their rights by ‘dodgy’ agents on both sides of the world and thus came under the scanner of the immigration. These students fought for months for their rights and even requested clemency from the government but to no avail.

These exploited students had to face the music of the fraud committed by someone else and were driven off from the country.

The government was quick to deport the students but did nothing to stop this exploitation from happening in the future.

NZ First has firmly held its position and asked the ruling government to answer for the dire steps taken and why they did not put an enquiry against the dodgy immigration agents and education providers. When we hold the balance of responsibility, we will streamline the export education industry to uphold our values and enhance the quality of education