Award-winning lyricist Satnam aka Satta Vairowalia of Auckland is coming back with his another single Yaadan Teriyan is releasing soon. It is a romantic song with a message and has been written and sung by Mr Vairowalia.

Yaadan Teriyan is launched under the banner of Reejhan Films and has been produced entirely in New Zealand— from recording to mixing and shooting. Sandeep Singh Bath of Reejhan Films said that this is a good sign for the growth of the Punjabi media and film industry in New Zealand.

“We are proud to say that this is a complete in-house production. Our entire team is based in New Zealand, be it the music composer, editor, videographer, director or actors. We want to focus on good work and also want our local community to grow. And we are happy to be moving in that direction,” Mr Bath said.

The media screening of the video song was held on Saturday, April 8 and received a positive response from the attendees.

The song has originally featured in the award-winning Punjabi film Asal Janam and has been reproduced as a single video song.

Gurneet Rehsi has given a soothing music that suits the feels and lyrics of the song, while the directors Samir Patil and Mr Bath have done a great job is making sure that the right message is delivered through the video.

Mr Bath said that they want to promote local talent and encouraged anyone from New Zealand, who needs a platform to showcase their talent, to approach him.

“I want to invite anyone who has a talent and is looking for a medium to show it to the world to get in touch with us. We will not only give them a platform but will also provide support as much as possible,” he said.

Mr Vairowalia said that writing this song was a different experience for him as this was the first time he wrote a song for a situation or a story.

“I had always written songs and then a video or a situation was created according to it. But this time I was given the story and had to write for that. It wasn’t easy but was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope people also show their love to Yaadan Teriyan like they did to Geetkariyaan,” he said.

Satta Vairowallia recently won the Best Song with Meaningful Lyrics award at the PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2017 for his last song Geetkariyaan, sung by Gurshabad and himself.