The Ahmadiyya Muslim community of New Zealand held its ninth annual Walkathon on Saturday, March 18. Eighty-four participants walked up to 10 km around the Barry Curtis Park in Flat Bush, raising thousands of dollars through sponsorship. The event has now become a regular feature in the community’s annual calendar, with the money raised supporting the New Zealand Blind Foundation and the Humanity First charities.

“Supporting people in need as well as helping the poor in one’s community are central pillars of the Islamic faith. By organising this walk and reaching out to the wider community to help sponsor the walkers, we are doing nothing more than what we believe to be our duty as true Muslims,” Ahmadiyya community spokesperson, Dr Nadeem Ahmad, said.

“It is indeed heartening to see the spirit shown by both the participants as well as all the volunteers who have worked so hard in the background to make this walk a success.

“NZ Blind Foundation and the Humanity First Charities both have worked very hard to improve the lives of hundreds in our country and beyond. We are humbled that in a small way we can be part of their contribution to the society.” Mr Ahmad added.

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community along with representatives of the NZ Blind Foundation and the AA participated in the 2017 Walkathon event. Local businesses, nurses and doctors at the Manukau and Auckland District Health Board and other generous sponsors helped reach a total of over $10,000 through the walk.

The attendees were treated to a barbeque and sausage sizzle after the walk that was sponsored by Mike Pero New Zealand. Representative Sheikhil Khan gave out special prizes to individuals with the highest pledge amounts.

Spanning worldwide in more than 200 countries, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a dynamic, fast-growing international revival movement within Islam, with membership exceeding tens of millions of people. The motto of the Ahmadiyya community ‘Love for all and Hatred for none’ is evident through the peaceful actions of its millions of followers around the globe.

The New Zealand branch of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was established in 1987 and now includes more than 500 members. The community is a registered charitable organisation and endeavours to be an active and integrated community within the New Zealand society.