Student's immigration lawyer Alastair McClymont has just now confirmed to Indian Weekender that Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has agreed to not deport his clients—ten students currently in the Auckland Unitarian Church—for the seven days i.e., till February 22.

Mr McClymont reiterated that his negotiations with INZ are not about cancelling deportation order itself, rather it's about how best to keep alive student's chances to apply for new student visa in future and to not permanently jeopardise student's chances of re-entering NZ on valid visa documents.

This includes negotiating with INZ about not stamping 'deported' on the student's visa.

This will apply only to Alastair McClymont's clients, currently in the church.

Practically meaning, students can come out of Church without fearing arrest from Immigration of NZ Police.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse is in Auckland today, with other Indian National Party MPs talking with Indian student's Immigration advisors, suggesting that government is interested in dealing with agents only, and not students.

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