As heavy rain puts an end to the recent dry spell across the Eastern District, Police are urging motorists to take extra care on the roads.

“This is the first lot of rain we’ve had for some time so the roads can be quite slippery,” says Senior Sergeant David Sutherland, of the Eastern District Command Centre.

“We appreciate that everyone has somewhere to get to, but please take care getting there.

Slow down in the wet weather, drive to the conditions and be aware of other roads users and pedestrians.”

If you’re driving in the rain, there are several things you can do to help keep yourself and others safe on our roads:

If it’s wet enough to put your wipers on, it makes sense to put your headlights on as well.

Slow down.

It helps you brake more gently and gives you enough time to react and retain full control of your vehicle.

Move away from the vehicle in front to increase your stopping distance.  

Don't forget to buckle up!

Before setting off, you can also check the road conditions on the NZTA Highway Information website.

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