King of Gujarati comedy and a theatre veteran, Sanjay Goradia, is coming to Auckland for his play Joke Samrat, on March 3.

The actor is known for his rib-tickling comedy plays such as Aa Namo Bahu Nade Chey and Chup Raho Khush Raho and has also appeared in a few Bollywood films such as multi-starrer Ishq, Aamir Khan’s Mann, Sanjay Dutt’s Safari, and Sanjay Dutt’s Khoobsoorat.

Directed by Vinod Sarvaiya, the play revolves around a middle-aged man Jayanti Goragandhi (played by Sanjay), who amid a chaotic life, suddenly decides to go on a journey of entertaining people to relieve them of their stress by becoming a ‘joker’.

Although people appreciate his sense of humour and his art, his own family looks down upon him, and his children feel ashamed of their father. Tension ensues in the house and his biggest challenge: will he be able to convince his family and make them laugh?

The play delves into family issues and delivers it with a pinch of humour. Joke Samrat guarantees an evening of unlimited drama, fun, laughter for its audience.

The play includes an ensemble cast that includes Tushar Joshi, Yogesh Upadhyay, Vinayak Ketkar, Dipali Bhuta, Vimal Patel, Manish Popat, Arsh Mehta, Drashti Pandya and Master Keval.

An actor, producer, and a director, Sanjay’s comic timings and effortless acting has made him the uncrowned king of Gujarati comedy. His idea of delivering a social message using laughter as a medium has caught the attention of theatre lovers internationally.

About V3 Events NZ

V3 Events NZ is an Auckland-based event organising firm that delivers Indian plays and shows to the multi-lingual Indian audience in the city.  

“Our motto is to avail an evening, which is different from other same routine evenings, where they can be with their family and spend some quality time together,” Prem Upadhyay, Managing Director of V3 Events NZ, said.

V3 Events organised several events in 2016 with Bollywood veteran Rohini Hattangadi’s Baa Tane Hu Kya Rakhu play being one of the many successful shows.

The curtain raises on March 3 at 6:30 p.m. at Dorothy Winstone Centre, Newton. The show is almost sold out with only a few tickets available. Tickets can be bought from and from selected grocery stores across Auckland.