Shri Ram Mandir in Henderson successfully hosted the Akhand Hanuman Chalisa Paath on January 21 and 22. As expected, more than 2000 people turned up for the event during the 24 hours, and most of them stayed overnight for the recitation.

Many families performed for the first time and were thrilled to be a part of the recitation programme. There were 30 groups in total who sang and chanted Lord Hanuman’s name in different tunes and rhythmic vibrations all night.

The Roth Pooja in which the sweet made from flour is offered to Lord Hanuman was performed on Saturday morning followed by Jhanda Vandan (flag hoisting). The sthapna (installation) of Hanuman idol was done at the temple and the devotees performed avishek (bath) of the idol in mustard oil. The oil was then packed and distributed to the devotees by the youth group of Shree Ram Mandir during those 24 hours.

The concept of the recitation is to cleanse one’s thoughts through chanting. The event was streamed via Facebook live and approximately 7,000 devotees tuned in from British Columbia, Washington, Great Britain, and Fiji.

The event ended with a yagna (ritual /offering) for Lord Hanuman and a mahaprasad was distributed to those who attended and fasted for the event.

The event was conducted by Acharya Nandlal Shastri and Pt Anil Sharma, assisted by the temple purohits Acharya Dinesh Prasad Semwal and Pt Jagdish Sharma.

“For me, this was an opportunity to commune with Lord Hanuman and offer my devotion through the fire ritual. I am blessed to be [a] part of such a phenomenal event and a lot of groups and devotees are ready for another one. May Lord Ram bless us all,” Avinesh Prasad, a devotee at the event, said.