So much had been planned for implementing in the past few weeks but now you can start to have second thoughts because of the difficulties involved. The best way to achieve your aim would be to hire expertise and delegate responsibilities. Someone in the family may desire to pursue some course or hobby that you are not exactly in favour of, but it will be in your interest to give in. Love and romance may pale if kept out in the cold for long, so do something about it.

Lucky number: 22

Lucky colour: Off white


This is a good period to take a step forward on the professional front. Your style of functioning is likely to impress those who matter. Someone may be instrumental in opening new avenues for earning for you. A malady that had posed problems for you on the health front is likely to disappear for good. You may seek out someone special on the romantic front. This is a good time to visit someone who can be of help to you in the future. 

Lucky number: 15

Lucky colour: Brown 


You may find it difficult to shed old grudges against people, even if you have taken them on someone’s behalf. Strong likes and dislikes are likely to narrow down your social front and may even get you sidelined. Some of you can fall in and out of love and lead an unstable romantic life. Someone can force you to accompany him or her to a place you are reluctant to go. A property is likely to come into your name.

Lucky number: 4

Lucky colour: Dark turquoise


You are likely to gain popularity on the social front because of something unique that you have achieved. You can feel attracted to someone, and the good part is that this attraction will be mutual. Some of you can plan a short break just to enjoy the season. A property is likely to be yours soon. Getting an old building renovated is possible. Efforts will be required, if you want to make your mark on the academic front. Don’t leave anything pending on the work front.  

Lucky number: 11

Lucky colour: Lavender


This is a good time to take up some physical activity if you want to achieve total fitness. A financial bonanza can come your way. Meeting and planning something with friends or cousins is on the cards for some. You may be sought out for something special on the social front. A regular dose of romance promises to keep you chirpy and rejuvenated. A ride to the countryside will help some unwind. Refurbishing the house may be topmost on your mind this week. 

Lucky number: 11

Lucky colour: Light blue


Certain steps may have to be taken before you become totally comfortable with a project or a task on the professional front. You will have to be sweet, but firm, in saying no to someone asking for monetary help as his or her need appears unjustified. Someone who used to like you may deliberately try to avoid you, so find out why. Self-control and an active life are likely to have positive fallout on your health. Make your love life exciting. 

Lucky number: 8

Lucky colour: Forest green


A medical problem making life difficult for some is set to disappear through a new line of treatment. It is better to get certain things approved by higher ups before going ahead with a project on the professional front. Repayment of a loan can keep your financial position a bit tight, but you will get used to it. A relation or a family friend can come and stay with you for a few days. Those seeking love can get attracted to someone soon. 

Lucky number: 17

Lucky colour: Gray


You will manage to free yourself from all ailments and lead a happy and healthy life. Your concern about the current financial situation will be unfounded as money flows in. At work, you are likely to give a good account of yourself through your efficiency and dedication. It is best to keep away from the gossip mill on the social front as it can rebind on you. Some of you can get hard pressed for time on the romantic front and cut short your meeting with the lover. 

Lucky number: 1

Lucky colour: Pink


You are likely to get a chance to share your innermost feelings with someone you feel close to. The discovery that someone loves and admires you can get you all excited on the romantic front. Your blunt ways may spoil chances on the job front. You can lose money through sheer carelessness towards the end of this week. Something you eat outside may not agree with your system, so stick to homemade food. Those using the road should remain alert as stars don’t seem favourable.  

Lucky number: 3

Lucky colour: Lemon


Romantic thoughts and longing for a partner may make you focus on love. There is a possibility of taking a short break by travelling to someplace exotic. Those planning to buy property are likely to get a good bargain. A hectic social event may leave you tired and fatigued. There will be mistakes galore in an assignment submitted by you at work. Performance on the academic front can remain below expectations. It may be difficult to get your money back from someone you had loaned to. 

Lucky number: 5

Lucky colour: Sea green


Someone is likely to hurt your feelings, but it will not be deliberate, so take it in your stride. A lot of legwork will be required to get an approval or a sanction on the business front, but you will manage it. Plans for buying a second vehicle may put some in the saving mode. You will be able to maintain your popularity on the social front. Someone may be taking an inordinate interest in you, so decide whether you want to get romantically involved or not.

Lucky number: 18

Lucky colour: Rose


Visiting someone close is likely to give you a sense of immense fulfilment. You will manage to convert an official trip into leisure trip and enjoy your heart out. Taking possession of a flat is likely for some. A cash crunch may force you to redraw the budget, but it will be a temporary phase. Remaining irregular in workouts may begin telling on your health soon. Tiff with a senior on the work front is possible. Someone may try to malign you on the social front.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky colour: Yellow