New Zealand’s People Party (NZPP) is aggressively looking for a suitable candidate to stand for the Mt Albert by-election likely to be held after David Shearer’s departure from their party’s ticket.

NZPP, formed earlier this year in September, is the country’s first political party purely for ethnic immigrants.

Speaking with Indian Weekender, Roshan Nauhria the party’s founder and president, appeared undeterred with the results of the recently concluded Mt Roskill by-elections.

Mr Nauhria failed to make a mark on the by-election results.

 “We are committed to building our party for the next 2017 elections.

“Mt Roskill was a good learning, and we are equally committed to Mt Albert electorate,” Mr Nauhria said.

Mr Nauhria was party’s candidate in the Mt Roskill by-elections.

Although this time, the party is eyeing on a candidate of Chinese descent for the Mt Albert by-elections, apparently to keep a balance between Indians and Asians—the key target constituency of the party.

On being probed further if the party has some credible aspirants for the Mt Albert seat, Mr Nauhria reiterated, “We will be able to announce our candidate in the next two or three days.” 

NZPP is aiming to secure 10% votes in the 2017 general elections to get the balance of power in the government.

Mt Albert, like Mt Roskill, is also among one of the most ethnically diverse constituencies in New Zealand.