The New Zealand People's party candidate in the Mt Roskill by-election, Roshan Nauhria, announced today that if he is elected he will use his MP's salary to provide food for Mt Roskill schools.

" If I win, my salary would be $171,137 and I will use all of this to provide food for school kids in the Mt Roskill electorate.

So far,  the campaigning in this by-election has focused on the big issues like transport and law and order - changes in these areas take time, but this is one change I can bring about immediately.

Pledging my salary does not require any political power. It's a simple thing to do and it will make sure no kid in Mt Roskill goes without lunch".

Mr Nauhria says that while many schools are providing food already there are gaps and he plans to work with local bakeries to provide healthy sandwiches and fresh fruit.

He has also found that schools struggle to find people who can run the food programs.

"Fonterra and Sanatarium provide food to the schools but someone has to organise for it to be distributed to the students, money from my salary can be used to pay for staff to do this. 

The way I look at this is that as an MP my salary would be paid  by the people of Mt Roskill.  It is only fair they should directly benefit from it” .