The news coming from NZQA suggests that all is not well for 30 Indian students who were forced to sit in an English language test in September this year after their chosen private tertiary institution IANZ was made defunct in September.

In the news concerning the wider Indian community, future of a significant number of Indian students is currently being discussed between NZQA and INZ.

It is reported that about 70 students were told earlier to sit a compulsory English language test to establish their ability to continue level 6 diploma courses in any other institution.

The NZQA has confirmed that 30 students have failed to reach a level where they can earn a safe transfer into another institute or through a mandatory 14-week remedial English language course.

Since Monday, the NZQA officials have been in close consultation with INZ authorities to determine student’s future options in NZ.

On being asked about the likelihood of a possible deportation of those students, the NZQA official has declined to make any comment as the issue is under “consideration.”

Indian Weekender’s request to disclose any information if more Private Tertiary Establishments (PTEs) are under NZQA radar for failing to maintain required educational standards was also declined.