The Auckland Indian Association played host to a group of 45 Senior Citizens from the United Kingdom last weekend. The group has been touring the world for the last 21 days and had been in New Zealand for five days starting their tour at the bottom of the South Island and working their way up to Auckland before leaving for Singapore for three days and then onto India.

The majority of the Group were from the Senior Citizens Leicester Lunch Club but they included Senior Citizens from other parts of the United Kingdom also.  The Group leader Dhayabhai Patel the youngest of the group at 65, talked about how their group started with 12 members in 2004 and has grown to a membership of 295.  He went on to say how it was good to travel with people of his own age as they had more things in common and could pace themselves and laugh at the same things. Dhayabhai thanked the Auckland Indian Association for the warm and well organised welcome.

The Auckland Indian Association organised a tour of the Radha Krishna Mandir, and the Mahatma Gandhi Centre, and invited their own members to come and meet with the guests. Representatives of 19 villages from the Navsari district came together to re-discover relatives, meet and greet and enjoy a fabulous meal.  The members of the UK group were music enthusiasts and everyone enjoyed the singing by Dhansukhbhai Topiwala before leading some of their own renditions.