The Mata Amritanandamayi Satsang Group will be holding a week-long programme during the visit of Brahamchari Shraddhamrita ji, a disciple of Mata Amritananda Mayi, the Hugging Saint.

Brahamchari Shraddhamrita ji is a qualified Electrical and Electronics Engineer. He first met AMMA in 1989 and has been living at Amma's ashram since 1993.

He received Brahmacharya initiation (the equivalent of becoming a monk) from Amma in 1997. He has been actively involved in coordinating scientific research and social welfare projects in Amrita University (Amma's University in India).

Please see the attached document for a brief write-up about him.While in Auckland he will be giving Free Discourse on Gita’s 10th chapter about Bhakti Yoga – the importance of devotion.

From 28th August – 31st August the discourse will be at Balmoral Temple from 7:45 – 9:15pm. On 1st and 2nd September the discourse will be at Eden – Roskill Cricket Club from 7-9pm.

On 3rd September there will be Devi pooja for Health, Prosperity and World Peace at the Eden- Roskill Cricket club from 10am-2pm. The entry to the programme is free.

To perform the pooja there is a charge of $21 per person. After the pooja there will be bhajans and maha Prasad.

On 4th September there is free IAM Meditaion Workshop. This a special meditation technique developed by Amma for today’s busy life. It is a powerful way to reconnect with our real centre, our Inner Self, and thereby experience true joy and peace in life.

This meditation acts on a very subtle level, eradicating all our negative tendencies, slowly but surely, and gives noticeable practical results very fast.Free morning tea will be provided during the break.

There will be snacks available on all days for purchase except on the 3rd September when maha prasead will be served after the pooja instead.