Live audio-visual interactive online workshop on Science of hand postures is making a comeback. is bringing an amazing opportunity for New Zealand and Global Internet Audience to learn about simple tips and techniques to improve one’s IQ and energy levels right from comfort of one’s home.

The techniques of hand postures also known as Mudra Yoga developed in ancient India were based on science of neurons. The key to efficient working of entire human system is an efficient message communication system. The communication system is our nerves. Spread over the entire body, these nerves carry innumerable and infinitely complex messages without pause. According to research of ancient seers, the fingertips of every living being have many concentrated nerve root endings, which are free energy discharge points. By touching together of the tips of the fingers or the finger tips to other parts of the palms, the fingers form what is called a psycho-neural lock.

Mudra Yoga provides many simple tips and techniques to improve one’s IQ, including memory, concentration, self confidence, energy levels, vitality and much more. Hand postures are easy to learn and apply and helps one and all especially children and youth to develop in all levels of their being i.e Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social. – online educational portal and virtual campus have taken a giant step forward. They have taken up a unique global intiative to promote art & science of Mudra practice for complete wellness among children and youth, As a part of series of programmes They are organizing a web-based live audio-visual interactive Workshop on Simple Tips to Improve one’s IQ, Concentration & Energy Levels on May 22 -2011 6 am to 8 am IST -Indian Standard Time (12.30 pm to 2 :30pm NZST) with Mr Vijay Bansal, a well known International Speaker, Author & Mudra Therapist.

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“In modern times, internet has made entire world a global village. Anyone from any part of the world can learn and gain insights from the comfort of their homes, Only pre-requisite is an internet connection with headset and zeal to learn this practical scientific knowledge of Ancient India” Usha Koppaka says., an online platform, is an endeavour to disseminate the practical knowledge and wisdom gifted by the great scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and sages of ancient India. It brings online courses in art, science, and holistic living. Of special note are courses for children conducted by experts. The sessions are free, all are welcome to participate.

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Speaker: Mr Vijay Bansal (Live from India)
Date: May 22 -2011 - Sunday - 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm NZST (6 am to 8 am IST)
Mode: Live Audio visual Interactive web session - 100% Online
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