Tyreese Stuart Fleming, 20, was driving an overloaded car when it smashed into a power pole near Timaru on 7 August 2021, killing five of the vehicle's occupants.

His passengers: Andrew Goodger, 15, Niko Hill, 15, Javarney Drummond, 15, Jack Wallace, 16, and Joseff McCarthy, 16, were killed instantly.

He was sentenced in the Timaru District Court today.

Fleming had been drinking before the crash, was on his restricted licence, driving an overloaded car and speeding.

The judge has also disqualified him from driving for five years.

The judge told the court the victims' families' losses were irreparable and their grief beyond measure.

Police initially charged Fleming with five counts of manslaughter, but he pleaded guilty to the lesser charges of dangerous driving causing death in April.

Family and friends of the five teenagers killed gave emotional victim impact statements in court this morning.

The father of 15-year-old Andrew Goodger was too distraught to complete his statement in court after he described his son as the perfect young lad.