The members of the Kiwi Bengali community were seen enjoying Samonnoy- the much-awaited annual cultural event by Bengali Association Bhabna.

It may be noted that the event was scheduled to take place in August 2021 but was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic-related restrictions and lockdowns.

The function was knitted intricately and mindfully presented the various festivals and celebrations through the platform of performing arts.

The event staged at Playhouse Theatre, Glen Eden, on Saturday (June 25), saw community members displaying their talents (be it singing, dancing, or recitation) and enjoying the best of Bengali culture, including lip-smacking food.  

“As an Indian cultural association, Bhabna takes pride in engaging all the Bengali organisations and other non-Bengali organisations in such events for the last twenty years. We endeavour to pass our enriched creed and culture on to the next generations who need to get familiar with the deep-rooted value we preserve to thrive," says Bhabna's President Somdutta Saha.

The event saw around eighty people ranging from the ages 6 to 95 attending. The young members were visibly overwhelmed to see a hall full of audiences watching their performance. “The event aims to celebrate the rich Bengali culture and unify people from different faiths, social beliefs, and heritage. The overwhelming response from the wider communities encouraged participants to bring many more performances like this more often. We hope to have more such community cultural events as they bring a ray of hope and positive outlooks toward the future,” says Saha.

Even the guests seemed impressed by the event. Kabir Singhania, one of the attendees, said, "It was a great show, and the kids were brilliant. The show was beautifully crafted to showcase the folk culture and dances from all the joyful seasons. The event beautifully reflected the purity and authenticity of mixed emotions. Kudos to the director, and I hope to see many more of such interesting cultural events in future."

Another guest Sriparna Mitra Mojumdar said, "We, Bengalis, love to celebrate festivities of the Bengali calendar. The event was a great way to remember and feel connected to our Bengali roots. I hope and wish to have more such events, so our kids are in tune with our rich Bengali heritage."