Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Christchurch, celebrated the fourth anniversary of its new premises on June 19, 2022. The celebrations were attended by a large number of local Sikh and other community members, coming together to show their support and thank the Gurus.

The Gurudwara, which operates under the New Zealand Sikh Society (South Island) Inc (NZSS) is located at 537 Ferry Road, Christchurch. 

The Gurudwara building was acquired after the old building (originally a church converted to a Gurudwara) was badly damaged in the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch. 

The community members came together and raised significant amount of money to buy and refurbish the current building, which now serves as a place of worship and a community centre for not just the Sikh community but also for the wider communities.

To mark the 4th anniversary, Diwan was decorated at the Gurdwara Sahib and langar was served for the whole community.

Christchurch GurudwaraThe celebration was attended by around 250 people from the surrounding community, who came together to thank the Gurus and seek blessings despite the bad weather.

The Gurudwara is run by volunteers, who spend endless hours preparing for weekly prayers, cooking food, cleaning and so on. 

The Gurudwara had also recently hosted a Turban Camp where the youth were given a message to wear turban as much as possible.

Gurudwara Spokesperson Jitender Sahi said, “The Gurudwara is a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of their caste, creed, background or beliefs. As we recall the Gurudwara Sahib’s beginnings with just a few members, we are really excited to see the way the community has evolved over the years.”

Harjit Singh Gulati who played an instrumental role in raising funds for Gurudwara Sahib, and leading it to its current state, told us that the Gurudwara has many forthcoming projects, including expanding the existing building.

Incidentally, it was the first Gurudwara in South Island and has played a huge role in connecting and ensuring the community’s wellbeing during testing times like Covid vaccination and assisting the community during lockdown.

Besides more work on the Gurudwara building, there are various projects in pipeline to create awareness on social issues and cultural integration.