Today, May 13, is when the New Zealand National Party was formed in Wellington back in 1936.

The Party, which has been in existence for more than eight decades, is currently led by Christopher Luxon.


On the Party’s 86th Founder's Day, Luxon says, “Since the National Party was first established in 1936, it has been committed to empowering individual freedom and choice, personal responsibility, and strengthening communities so that New Zealanders can take ownership of their futures.


I want to acknowledge the hard work of the countless people that have contributed to the National Party’s rich and storied history. It is because of their efforts that National has delivered for Kiwis for 86 years and will continue to do so for years to come.”

The Leader of the Opposition feels that the National Party is providing hope, which is the dire need of Kiwis.

“Now, more than ever, New Zealand needs the National Party to offer them hope, ambition and drive to meet the challenges of the coming decade.

It is a tremendous privilege to be the Leader of National, and I am excited for the future our Party will deliver for all Kiwis,” he maintains.