The fitness freaks of Auckland are all excited to finally be able to get back to the gym as gyms will be opening when the traffic light system kicks in on Friday, December 3. 

Ever since Auckland went into lockdown on August 17, this is for the first time that the gyms and fitness centers will be able to open their doors.

Under the red-light stage of the Covid Protection Framework, which Auckland will be under, gyms can reopen under maximum capacity restrictions, depending on how many people can safely socially distance within the area, and accepting those who are vaccinated.

The Indian Weekender spoke to gym owners and fitness buffs to know how excited they are about the reopening and how they are looking forward to getting into the fitness groove. 

Kabir Malhotra, who is a member of Snap fitness gym, Wairau Park, and stays in Takapuna, says, “I am really excited to go back to the gym and get my summer body back. I really missed going to the gym. I am looking forward to doing my weight training.”

Echoing similar sentiments is Yashmin Chand, who is a member of Sir William Jordan Recreation Centre in Onehunga, says, “I can’t tell you how I have wanted to get back to the gym. I will be hitting the gym at 6 am tomorrow. The atmosphere in the gym when everyone is doing their best to get fit is unmatched. Working out at home can’t be matched to working out in the gym. I look forward to getting my fitness back. I have my vaccine pass and gym clothes ready.”

Gym owners are also equally excited about welcoming their patrons back. 

Gym owner T.J Singh of Anytime Fitness Takanini, Glendene, and Glen Eden says, “We are super excited to open our doors again for our members and support as many people as possible to achieve their fitness goals. We will be doing so within the mandated requirements that have been set by the Government.”

“Our staff will be opening the doors from 6 am as many of our members can’t wait to come back to their happy place. We exist to support and care for people making lifelong healthy habits,” he signs off. 

Michelle of Snap Fitness feels though there will be some challenges operating in the new traffic light framework but is still excited with some semblance of normalcy returning at her workplace. 

She says, “I am super excited for gyms’ to be reopening tomorrow, it's been a challenge and lots of ups and downs, but I am so grateful to our members for sticking with us, joining in with our outdoor classes, and keeping the spirits high while we were all at home for the past 100+ days. Just keep it simple when you return to the gym, start with your basic movements and let your body adjust to the gym before you go too hard! We don't want to see anyone hurt themselves or be sore for days.”