New Zealand based Alan Cox has been described as “a mental health change-maker on a mission to change the narrative around mental health and help millions of people achieve mental fitness.” 

With the launch of the ground-breaking mental wellness app, EverYellow, he is already helping individuals around the country and across the globe. Now, Cox is turning his attention to workplace stress and burnout, giving employers a truly effective tool to ensure a healthy, happy staff and increased workplace wellbeing.

It isn’t just a great business idea. Cox truly has an insider’s understanding of how devastating setbacks – whether personal or professional – can be to an individual. A serially successful entrepreneur who suffered through decades of poor mental health, he shares how in spite of all his success, he also lived through a lot of major crashes - any one of which might have been crushing. He admits that he “hit rock bottom multiple times” - and even made numerous attempts on his own life. But every time, he's managed to bounce back - with an incredible story of resilience and recovery from which we can all learn.

Today, Alan believes that a thriving mindset is accessible to all of us, and it's far easier to get than we might realize. And now, thanks to his hard work, - ‘there’s an app for that!’ His extensive background in design thinking, problem solving and business paired with his traumatic past, repeated challenges, and his new found passion for neuroscience and positive psychology gave Alan a unique perspective. With this rare mix of talents, and extensive research, he created the ground-breaking EverYellow.

“Whenever we hear or talk about mental health, it’s generally focussed on poor mental health. But the problem is that most people who have sub-optimal mental health don’t even realise it. They just see themselves as being ‘normal’ and this is just the way life is. So I want to change that, I want to help people see that their lives can be better, wherever they are mentally right now.”

EverYellow is like no other wellness app on the market, It truly gives organizations a valuable lens into the wellbeing of their executives and workers in ways that truly unlock every human’s potential and maximizes business results across industries.

Achieving genuine results is at the heart of everything the team at EverYellow does.
“As a social enterprise, we’re not doing this to make money, we're doing this to shift the wellbeing of millions of people around the world. If EverYellow didn’t produce solid results then we’d stop doing it. But it really works - and we’re so proud of that.”

EverYellow is available at no cost from both Google Play and Apple App Store. The free
version of the app is very comprehensive and is Cox’s way of making positive
mental wellbeing accessible to anyone regardless of ability to pay.