The first of Auckland's vaccination buses are heading out today as part of an urgent campaign to get more people inoculated.

A fleet of six buses will initially be sent to areas with low vaccination rates.

About 1.4 million Aucklanders are eligible for the Pfizer doses and some 1 million have had at least one injection.

Middlemore Hospital has begun testing every patient for Covid-19, due to mystery cases and to help find whether Covid is circulating in the community.

On Wednesday, 14 new Covid-19 cases were reported - all in Auckland and linked to current clusters.

New Zealanders waiting for a place in MIQ will be able to will start booking again next week under a new 'virtual lobby' system where everyone goes into a queue.

From tomorrow, essential workers leaving Auckland's level 4 boundary will need to show evidence they have completed a saliva test or nasal swab test in the past seven days, but won't need to show proof the test was negative.

The first vaccination buses are being sent out into Auckland communities to assist in achieving the government's goal of offering every Aucklander the chance to have had their first shot of the vaccine by the end of the week.

Blessing of new vaccination buses  credit: RNZ / Mariner Fagaiva-Muller

Covid-19 modeller Shaun Hendy says pandemic measures such as widespread mask use and contact tracing may have to be kept in place in the future to reduce the ongoing impacts of Covid-19.

"Obviously we've been using lockdowns over the last 18 months to deal with outbreaks so the higher our vaccination rates the more effective lockdowns become and the shorter period of time they may need to be imposed and maybe they could be less stringent.

"Also, we could make sure we keep some of the measures in place for the coming years that we have been using such as encouraging widespread mask use, making sure that we're scanning and maybe considering event size restrictions possibly during Winter months when we'll be more at risk."

Hendy says these measures may need to be kept in place in the medium-to-long term to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the health system.