Karen Nimmo said as we enter day 10 of the Covid-19 lockdown there is already a sense that it is long and yet there is not a feeling of getting things done.

"This lockdown is particularly hard on people because it's midwinter and it's not new so the novelty factor's been particularly stripped out of it ... and the other thing with this lockdown is we've got that uncertainty with Delta, so the watching, the waiting, getting the daily updates.

"So we really can't make any progress or any plans and that's very hard on people psychologically."

She said people thrived on novelty (such as last year's initiative of putting teddy bears in windows) and stimulation but now there seems to be a lot of complaints of "brain fog" with people facing the same old thing.

It was common to be feeling foggy and flat and if people were also having trouble sleeping that was "a fallout from stress".

She said it was also common for conflict to arise as people were jammed together in flats or houses and living, working and cooking in the same environment.

"Not everybody lives in a safe warm house with nice food. There's a lot of pressure on people. I think that cocktail is psychologically quite tough."

She recommends self-awareness and knowing your triggers. Everyone should have one calm down strategy such as going for a walk or reading a book or playing games on their phone if they sensed they were reaching boilover point.

They should also try and create some space for themselves to escape a tough environment.

For those on their own they need to try and find something special to do for themselves "just to distract".

Families could try and do one thing together. In Nimmo's bubble they are all adults so they are writing a thriller which was great fun and took their minds off the monotony of lockdown.

It is normal for people to feel anxious, niggly and "off your game" so those affected should try and devise ways to calm down, find some space and create a bit of novelty.

"Just mix it up wherever you can because this could go on for some time yet and we have to find a way through it."