The COVID-19 pandemic is having a massive impact on the event industry in India and as a result, the industry’s future landscape is bound to transform. September and October are mainly season of festival in India. These Indian festivals are being celebrated in New Zealand by different Indian associations and organizations. This help people to get a chance to still celebrate their cultures, traditions and help to overcome the feeling of nostalgia.

But with the Delta outbreak and cases found in Auckland and Wellington, the future of these events has been in danger now. Organisers are unsure what they should do as big events like Garba and Diwali are celebrated all over New Zealand..

Indian Weekender spoke to organisers in Christchurch about the impact of COVID 19 on these celebrations.

Talking to various organisers in Christchurch, reveal the fear and anxiety of organiser. One of the forthcoming big events in Christchurch is “Ratri Before Navratri” which is scheduled to be held on 4 September. There are questions whether it will be held or not. Mr Gopin, the main organiser, says this is an uncertain time. They are not sure whether the event can go ahead.

Rohan Chakarborty one of the main organisers of Graba Rolls 2021 in Christchurch (A prominent event planner, coordinator and organiser) in Christchurch that is happening on 2 October expressed the same uncertainty one is sure about what will happen in future if COVID cases continue to rise like this. 

“These lockdowns have definitely been disappointing for a lot of us who have spent months planning large scale events which have been cancelled. There is also a great deal of uncertainty for us with upcoming events such as Dandiya Raas, ISCC Diwali and R & B Events Mata Ki Chowki,” he said.

“These are events with turnouts between 500 to 20,000 attendees and a lot of time, planning and financial investment involved. It’s a nervous time for us in the events industry, our contractors, sponsors and attendees who are excited in anticipation of these events as highlights of their festive season.

“In saying that understand the importance of the lockdowns to control the outbreak of the virus, and are in total support of the rules in place to do so,” he added.