The Northern Region Health Coordination Centre (NRHCC) will open Aotearoa’s largest drive-through vaccination centre on Sunday, 22 August at the Park and Ride site at the airport in south Auckland.

This will be the first drive-through centre in the metro Auckland region, and attendance will be by invitation only.

The centre will be able to vaccinate up to 2,000 people per day, with the potential to increase over the coming week.

Matt Hannant, Programme Director at the NRHCC, said: “This will be a great way for a large number of people to be vaccinated safely with their bubble under Alert level 4.

“It can work particularly well for families as they can come together and get vaccinated in the familiar environment of their own family vehicle.”

Invitations will be sent in a phased approach over the coming days to essential workers as well as those who were unable to attend their appointments during the move to Alert level 4 and who have not yet rebooked.

“The drive-through centre will be by appointment only, so we ask that people who haven’t received an invitation yet to stay at home and follow the alert level guidelines.

“It’s really important that we can prioritise our essential workers, such as supermarket workers and bus drivers, who are helping to keep important services open during Alert level 4.”

Key drive-through centre facts

  •        The site will run from 8.30am to 4.30pm for an initial period of 7 days.
  •        The team expect to vaccinate around 1,000 people on the first day and then to increase this to 2,000 or more per day over the coming week. Existing large community vaccination centres currently vaccinate around 1,000+ people per day.
  •        People will be asked to come with their whanau/bubble aged 12 and over in car loads of 2 to 4 people. People need to bring at least one other person and won’t be able to attend by themselves. Younger children can also attend but they won’t be able to be vaccinated.
  •        People will receive their vaccination while seated in the car. Anyone receiving a vaccination will need to sit by the car door and be vaccinated in the arm that is closest to the door. They will then be asked to drive through to the observation area and a staff member will let them know when they can leave.
  •        If people feel unwell during the observation period, they will be asked to honk their car horn and turn on their hazard lights.
  •        People will need to attend in a car or similar vehicle. The drive-through is not suitable for motorbikes or trucks or people on foot.