Sukhjeet a 31 year old and Gurdeep Kashyap a 27 year old lost their lives on road crash on Saturday morning at Rangitata Diversion Race. The two were travelling on the Pudding Hill road near Methven when the incident took place.

The car was found submerged in a canal where the police had to drain it for better access. One of them was found dead on Saturday morning and the other one was retrieved by the divers about 500 metres down on Sunday.

Sukhjeet had come to New Zealand from a small district of Punjab, Fatehgharh Sahib in 2014 and had pursued business management from Aspire 2 International in Christchurch. He was working in a Lincoln area in a dairy farm as an assisting manager.

Earlier, the police has reported about a serious incident in Methaven on Saturday morning. 

The body of Gurdeep Singh, who was at the passenger's seat was recovered earlier. It has been reported that Gurdeep Singh belonged to the Indian state of Haryana. 

It is believed Gurdeep was also studying alongside Sukhjeet at Aspire 2 and was working as a manger at a farm.

Investigation regarding the crash has begun and the inquires are ongoing by the Aoraki police.