A Kiwi-Indian taxi driver was assaulted in Hamilton on Tuesday, June 29,

after a road rage by a fellow road user turned into a race-related assault

that left him with bleeding eyes and almost a month off from the roads advised by the doctor.

29-year-old Sukhjit-Singh Rattu was left shocked and with bleeding eyes

when a man punched in his eyes soon after stopping his car with an

overtake manoeuvre near Hamilton Airport.

The incident happened around 8.40 pm in the night when Sukhjit was

heading to the airport for work.

Speaking to the Indian Weekender, Sukhjit said,  "A female was driving the

car which overtook me and forced me to stop"

"Then a male came out from the passenger seat and walked towards my car,

who did not appear aggressive in any manner."

"When he noticed I was Indian, he got so angry and banged on my door

window then straight away opened the driver's side door and without

saying a word punched on my eye"

"I heard him abusing me f***ing Indian."

The punch left him with bleeding eyes and in tremendous pain.

Shocked and unable to react immediately, Sukhjit took the help of another

fellow taxi driver who was behind him and talking to him on the phone to

follow the driver who were conveniently escaping and note down their


Sukhjit told the Indian Weekender that the only possible reason for this

unprovoked assault and racist slur could be him overtaking the driver's car

earlier in the motorway.

"I was getting late for work, and I might have overtaken their car in the

motorway and moved to the left lane" Sukhjit said, recalling what

happened a short while ago in the motorway.

He has made a complaint to the police.


Police said inquiries are ongoing, and no charges have been filed.