The Auckland Indian Association honoured their senior citizens over the age of 90 for the second time at a special luncheon on Sunday, June 27, at Mahatma Gandhi Centre.

Twenty three “super seniors” - as they were called for being above than the ninety-year-old cut-off age - were honoured in the event which was attended by around 200 people.

Several dignitaries, including Kanwaljit Bakshi, a former member of parliament, Bhav Dhillon, Honorary Consul of India,  joined in the celebrations.

The event commenced with a welcoming speech by Dhiru Bhai Patel, Auckland Indian Association’s Chairperson of Senior Citizen.

Mr Patel expressed grief on the loss of their few senior members, including the previous Chair of Senior Citizen, Mr Mathur.

‘’We should not take our senior citizens for granted as they have dedicated their lives to the community, and we need to recognise and respect their work,” Mr Patel said.

Explaining the rationale behind the event, Dhansukh Lal, President Auckland Indian Association, said, “Our Association regularly works with seniors throughout the year to ensure their general well-being and keeping them abreast with the changes happening around them so that they feel empowered in leading their day to day lives with dignity and respect.”

“The association is helping the seniors to get familiarity with the day-to-day technology like smartphones and laptops,” Mr Lal said.

“We also take them regularly for outdoor physical activities like walks in the parks and beaches, along with day trips around Auckland to places like Waiheke Island and Hamilton and also to distant places in South Island including Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin,” Mr Lal said.

Speaking on occasion, Mr Bakshi said, “It is great to see Auckland Indian Association honouring the seniors for contributing to the diaspora.

Mr Bakshi also urged the elderly to stay healthy and indulge in some more physical activity.

Mr Dhillon honoured the ‘’super experienced’’ and urged the younger generation to be more respectful and kinder towards the elderly.’’

“It is the generation who has survived the World Wars, recession and the global pandemic setting an example for all the younger generations to come, and deserves respect,” Mr Dhillon said.

The event ended with lunch organised by the Auckland Association.