On Saturday, February 27 at 7:30 p.m. (New Zealand Time), a bunch of brilliant musicians will weave together a magical, hour-long, cross-genre live-cast online concert titled ‘Raaga Celebrities’.

The concert, which is free to view, features well-known Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam’s timeless songs innovatively interpreted through the lens of Carnatic and Hindustani music.

Raaga Celebrities has had rave reviews in places like the US, Europe and Asia and is being brought to Australasia by the Auckland-based Mohan Nadkarni Foundation and CFI Events. 

The organisers and sponsor India-based AU Bank partner with Indian diaspora organisations worldwide to take the concert online to specific locations.

Conceived and executed by 72/35 Southern Street, a Mumbai based band of super talented singers, instrumentalists, percussionists and arrangers, Raaga Celebrities straddles genres bringing popular music and traditional, classical roots together seamlessly.

So, this innovative format entertains while it informs, making the audience experience so much richer. What’s more, the visuals are stunning too, with a multicamera setup and a host of the technically savvy crew bringing you the best possible production values in an online concert.

Interestingly, this Saturday’s concert is geo-locked to the Australasia region and can be viewed only in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. Raaga Celebrities is free to join, but you must log in with their emails. Also, it’s a live-cast and cannot be viewed later. 

People interested in attending the virtual concert need to register ahead. The following link directs people to register: 


People are encouraged to share this link and information with interested friends residing in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji (do specify NZTime). All one has to do to join is to register by email.