Entertainment company Page3 and restaurant iVillage cruise into the new year 2021 by hosting the first-ever open-air Bollywood party in New Zealand on the 31st night at Victoria Park Market.

The party is said to have been attended by over 1400 people on the new year’s eve starting from 7:30 in the evening till 3 a.m. the next morning.

The evening had a live band, 729 Band and later three different DJs playing Bollywood music diving moving into the new year.

The first part was performed by DJ Anitra, a Kiwi DJ penchant for Bollywood music having lived in Mumbai, India for almost half a decade of her life. DJ Anitra music collection and Djing brought a different enigma to the party.

Anitra was followed by DJ Suraj Channa and DJ Rob who together entertained the enthusiastic attendees on the dance floor till early next morning.

“This was the first open-air Bollywood new year party, and perhaps the biggest Bollywood new year party till date in New Zealand,” Sanchit Gupta told The Indian Weekender.

Page3 is jointly owned by Rob Menezes, Sanchit Gupta, Mit Patel and Shree who are pivotal in bringing one of the best Bollywood parties in Auckland.