National Manager of Police National Dive Squad Senior Sergeant Bruce Adams says people need to take care when going for diving these summer holidays. 

"If you are going diving these holidays, we need you to take care.  With divers, spearfishers, snorkelers or swimmers in the water, it is a legal requirement to display a dive flag.

"Always dive with a buddy. The Buddy System is developed to improve diver survival across all situations," Sergeant Adams said.

He added that routine maintenance is an imperative component of the diver's plan for the season, and examine gear before the dive, failure to check can have severe consequences.

Few important activities in the checklist include always checking the weather and tide conditions in advance of departing the dock.

Safe surfacing procedures, including safety stops, are an essential component in a scuba diver's skill set and planning.

"Are you fit to dive? New Zealand Underwater offers consistent advice to divers returning from a hiatus.

Check that medication you are taking is compatible with diving, if you have any changes in health and if you are aged 45 get a diving medical check-up. is external)," he added. 

Here are some pertinent messages, people need to know
Please don’t dive alone because you could die alone. Always take someone with you. 

If you are going to make diving a hobby or sport, you should get the right equipment and maintain it well. 

Please avoid alcohol – the night before and on dive day. Lastly, but most importantly, are you fit and healthy enough to dive? Make sure you are okay – medical events do happen.

There is no ‘I’ in the team – here’s a handy acronym to remember
T = Take someone with you. Go with your team
E = Equipment – get the right equipment and always check it
A = Avoid alcohol – the night before and on the day of your dive
M = Medical events do happen. Are you fit and healthy enough?