The excitement for Diwali season will begin with the Wellington Diwali Festival, which is happening in the capital city over the labour weekend.

One of the leading dance schools of Indian cultural dances from Wellington, Mayur Dance Academy is expressing rejoice for the opportunity to perform at the official opening ceremony at the Wellington Diwali Festival.

The festival has survived the Covid scare that has disrupted and cancelled many major cultural events all around the country, courtesy to the zeal of the Wellington Council to deliver an opportunity to Wellingtonians to celebrate in this unusual year and the meticulous planning of the production team to hold the festival under Alert Level 1.

Wellingtonians are in for a treat this Sunday as Wellington Diwali kicks off with an impressive display of light, music, food, cultural performances and end with fireworks. 

The Indian Weekender spoke with Mayur Dance Academy founder Suparna Basu who was enthralled to share her excitement for bringing four slots of performances on the Diwali stage this Sunday at Wellington Diwali Festival. 

Suparna Basu, a trained classical Indian dance master, also told the Indian Weekender that her students have been performing for all eight years of Wellington Diwali Festival. 

Her school is known for teaching classical Indian dance forms such as Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Bollywood to dance and music enthusiasts, especially young Kiwi Indians in the Wellington region. 

“We have been part of the Diwali festival for eight years now and have entertained the crowd with the richness of Indian classical dance and music. 

“This year, Mayur Dance Academy students will be opening the event that will be followed with the formal ceremony of the festival with dignitaries and guests,” Suparna Basu said. 

The dance group in the past has performed at the parliament, Holi festival, temples, Diwali celebrations of Indian associations and community groups, and give an annual production event for the dance school every year. 

Ms Basu adds that this year, 42 of near 200 students of Mayur Dance Academy will be performing at the Diwali stage and their performances will have three different forms of classical, and one Bollywood dance. 

“We have two groups of 12, one of eight and another ten who will perform at the Diwali event this weekend. 

“Our students are very excited to be a part of this years’ event as this is their first big stage performance in the last eight months as evidently, most of the events were cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19 this year,” Ms Basu added. 

She says the students have been rehearsing for their performances for six weeks now, and each of the performances will be something fresh, new, and diverse to offer. 

About Wellington Diwali Festival 2020

The Wellington Diwali Festival of 2020 will be unique is it is the only Diwali event in New Zealand which will be held on a massive scale with the expectation of the attendance of thousands at the venues. 

The event does not just offer great music, exhilarating performances and festive ambience but also lip-smacking snacks from different corners of India, beverages, activities such as Henna, art, craft and clothing stalls etc. Not to forget, the event will be concluded with a spectacular firework to be seen on the waterfront.

The event starts at 3 p.m. and ends with the fireworks at 8:30 p.m.