The Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns have caused massive disruptions to our normal working, social, business and cultural lives this year, including the abrupt cancellations of several mega-events. 

The fact that the Wellington Diwali Festival 2020 is still going ahead, under Alert Level 1, albeit in a slightly abridged version from its earlier avatars, is a source of much celebrations and joy not only for the Wellingtonians but from the wider event industry. 

Notably, New Zealand's event industry, including organisers, producers, performers, artists and related businesses are experiencing the maximum brunt of Covid-19 inflicted disruptions. 

The festival is scheduled to be held on Sunday, October 25, at TSB Bank Arena and Shed 6 and is eagerly awaited by all Wellingtonians and the wider Kiwi-Indian community who might have been quietly watching the constriction of the calendar of the broader Indian cultural events.  

Here are FIVE reasons why the community should be enthralled about the Wellington Diwali Festival 2020

1. Festive season and celebration: 

Diwali is the biggest and most popular festivals in the Indian calendar, and it’s not just one day of celebration for the community but a season of festivities, lights, sweets and celebrations. 

This might be first, or perhaps, one of the most prominent of many big events planned for the community in New Zealand and the celebration will bring a change of weather for people- an escape from worries of the year to dance, music and Diwali. 

2. Exhilarating Performances: 

Diwali events in the past years has imprinted an unforgettable memory in the minds of thousands of visitors and is known for magnetic performances at the show- be it classical music, contemporary Bollywood or fusion of different cultural performances on the stage. 

The day-long event includes inauguration by MPs, Ministers and Indian High Commission team, evolves into some live drumming and music performances and continues through the evening ascending into high-octane dances including bhangra, classical songs, ramp walks etc.  

3. Food and craft stalls: 

It’s the time and event of the year where one can find almost every Indian snack and delicacy under one roof. From classic chhole-bhature to Idly, Parathe, gulab jamun, chai, dosa, to samosa chat, Lassi and jalebi etc. 

People while watching the show treat their taste buds with amazing snack items offered by over a score of vendors at Shed 10. 

Visitors also shop for traditional Indian clothing, arts and crafts for themselves and their houses that are on display inside the TSB Bank Arena. Shopping there and having the tasty delicacies offered by food vendors help these small businesses thrive, especially after coming out of precarious business situation earlier this year. 

4. Biggest Indian festival happening in 2020: 

Several big events around New Zealand had been cancelled or kept on hold not just due to lockdowns but also lack of funding, and it is fortunate that the biggest festival of the Indian community, Wellington Diwali Mela 2020 is happening despite several alert level changes and postponements. 

5. Spectacular Fireworks: 

Diwali stands for lighting, music, sweets and most certainly fireworks. This year, not many big Diwali events might happen, but the Wellington Diwali will have the spectacular fireworks lighting up the skies in hundreds of colours and sparkles.

So, this Wellington Diwali Mela 2020 is certainly not to be missed by the Wellingtonians, as it might be the only big Indian event happening this year in New Zealand.