Wellingtonians can rejoice as the festival of lights is coming back once again this year on Sunday, October 25 at TSB Arena and Shed 6.

The two halls will shine bright in dazzling lights, festive music, ethnic street food and much more as it received the green light to go ahead with the festival under Alert Level 1 Covid-19 restrictions.

Diwali - also known as the 'Festival of Lights' - is Wellington's local Indian and South-East Asian communities' most vibrant cultural celebration.

Every year, the TSB Arena is occupied from one end to the other with thousands clad in festive and ethnic dresses with family and friends to celebrate the biggest festivals of India.

Scores of performances on a massive stage representing the rich cultural history of India entertain the diverse range of audience at the event and plenty of food stalls that serve the tastebuds of every festivalgoer.

Unlike Auckland's Diwali festival, Wellington Diwali is held indoors with seating spaces for the spectators both front of the stage and on the side first-floor balconies that give a spectacular view of the stage performances amid vivid lighting and festive backdrop.

The event usually starts with an official ceremony where dignitaries and guests from around New Zealand light the traditional lamp, announce the event open followed by speeches and classical dance performances.

As the event progresses, dances and performers not just from the Wellington city and vicinity, but also from different corners of North Island such as Auckland, Palmerston North, Tauranga, Hamilton etc. exhibit various Indian dance forms, both classical and contemporary.

The Indian Weekender has been associated with the Wellington Diwali as an official media partner since 2018 and presents its Mr & Ms Wellington Diwali show to the Wellington audience.

Organisers of this popular festival kept plans on hold for a while due to the second wave of Covid, but the show will go on as scheduled from inauguration at 3 p.m. till 8:30 p.m. under AL1.

The other highlights of the festival include delicious Indian vegetarian food stalls, music and fashion, arts, crafts, henna and information stalls.