This election New Zealanders have an important choice to make about their futures.

ACT has a bold vision for a freer, more prosperous New Zealand. A New Zealand where businesses and workers’ pay less tax and are free to earn a greater share of the rewards from their efforts. Where the next generation is free to build houses. Where we take a modern approach to funding and operating infrastructure. Where businesses and innovators are not held back by crippling regulation.

Covid-19 has changed the way we go about our lives and the way we do business. That doesn’t mean we should let it change the futures of our children and grandchildren by leaving them a mountain of debt that they will have to pay back through taxes. That’s what the other political parties want to do, borrow and hope for the best.

Only a vote for ACT will ensure the other political parties are held to account. We will challenge them to keep taxes and household costs low. We will support small businesses to thrive and ensure there is a strong economy.


ACT has a fully costed plan to get back to surplus and start repaying the debt now.

We will pass laws that directly help small businesses including reducing GST for 12 months, bringing back 90 day trial periods so business owners can have the confidence they’re hiring the right people to fit their business and putting a three year halt on increasing the minimum wage. Business owners know more about the economy than any economist. We will support small businesses to do the best they can in these difficult times.

For the past six years I have proudly represented the people of Epsom and the ACT Party in Parliament. Many of my constituents are hardworking Indian New Zealanders.  New Zealand is a nation of immigrants. Openness to newcomers is part of our national DNA.

Today, many of our businesses and public services either couldn’t function, or would be much poorer, without the migration of new people and new ideas.

A question I receive a lot is about our position on the Parent Category visa. I know how important this issue is to your community and it’s something I have fought hard for.  As the MP for Epsom, I have seen a large number of families separated by the suspension of the Parent Category. These are good people making a contribution to New Zealand who just want to be a family. We know that most people are prepared to pay their own way if it means being with their families. By not addressing this we risk losing skilled migrants and people who have become important members of our communities because they don’t want to be separated from their families.

After the Christchurch tragedy, the Government very compassionately created a new immigration category for the families of victims. That was the right thing to do, but it raises the question: why not help the thousands of families divided by the suspension of the Parent Category?

The ACT Party will fight for freedom of speech, freedom of choice and less Government interference in your life. With more MPs we will ensure that we protect your freedoms. Only a vote for ACT will change your future.