A Telugu community group in Auckland, YSRCP NRI New Zealand earlier last weekend organised a blood donation camp at NZ Blood in Epsom.

The group has been formed on the name of former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy, and the event held on his 11th death anniversary on Sunday, September 2.

Given Covid-19 restrictions in place, limited donations were allowed that and everyone had to adhere to strict social distancing. Eleven people representing the YSRCP NRI NZ team visited the NZ Blood Services in Epsom to donate blood in memory of the leader.

The YSRCP NRI, New Zealand wing, is led by Anand Yeddula, who is originally from Andhra Pradesh in India and is working as a senior IT Consultant in Auckland.

“The whole plan of this drill was to remember the great soul and the 14th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Dr YS Reddy on his death anniversary- whole life left a huge impression on the communities living back home and the ones living overseas,” Mr Anand said.

Speaking further about the former leader, Mr Anand added that this blood donation camp initiative was dedicated to him and the community group remembers the legacy of Mr Reddy and work that impacted hundreds of thousands of people back home.

“A personification of an ideal leader and a man who knows no fear... That is YS Rajasekhara Reddy for you...,” president of YSRCP NRI NZ team, Mr Anand said.

The blood donation event was supported by the below stage legislatures, and senior government officials from Andhra Pradesh, India and they lauded the efforts by the YSRCP NRI NZ team.